Hearing and Listening…

…Are not the same. We hear everything, all the time. We really can’t stop hearing.

But we have to choose to listen.

This site is about sounds, noises, acoustics – “Fuiam” in the Gaelic.

So be ready to get your headphones on to listen to the audio clips which will be appearing on this site.  Read the blogs and updates too. And enjoy the “Fuiam”

“All You Need is Ears” — George Martin

I’m Andrew Sinclair and I’m a studying Sound Production at the University of the Highlands and Islands in Perth, Scotland and will be using this site to share my works and observations.  I’m a student member of The Institute of Acoustics.

Drop me a line if you see anything on this site which interests you, or if you think I could help you overcome a challenge you’re  having with sounds, recordings or noise.